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La potion des lutins : organic baby meals delivered to your home

la potion des lutins
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Small recyclable jars, varied recipes and textures adapted to babies: la potion des lutins (the pixie potion) innovates on the baby food market.

Balanced recipes adapted to each age from the beginning of food diversification

Since 2014, la potion des lutins has been offering traditional cooking based on organic vegetables and seasonal local products. The recipes are varied to introduce children to the taste and to make them more independent. The brand works with a paediatric nutrition dietician to develop its recipes. The products are presented in a recyclable glass jar that guarantees the preservation of flavours but also health safety. For even more convenience, the jar can be stored outside the fridge. The company offers home or work delivery within 48 hours.

The products offered are presented as a healthy alternative to industrial preparations for parents who do not have time to cook. They are adapted to the metabolism and physiological needs of babies. The brand has worked for a long time on the texture of its products:

Smooth: a mixed texture, without pieces, to start diversification.

Chopped: a thick texture to prepare the child to chew food.

Brunoise: to learn how to better grasp pieces and chew food.

textures repas bébé

Diversified meal baskets and home delivery

The range is divided into 4 categories, adapted to different ages between 4 and 18 months:

  • My first potion (from 4/6 months): mixed mono vegetable / cooked fruit purées (broccoli, carrot, potato, cauliflower, apple, peach, apricot…).
  • My first discovery potion (from 6 months old): mixed vegetables and meat or fish. An introduction of proteins and fats in the diet (ratatouille-chicken, pumpkin-turkey, spinach-cod…).
  • The potion for the curious (from 9 months old): vegetables and minced meat or fish. (spinach with cream and salmon, cauliflower and veal sauté, parsnip cream, leeks and chicken).
  • Gourmet potion (from 12/18 months): a brownish texture and a greater quantity than the potion of the curious (aubergine and rice puree – minced beef with small onions, Indian and pork corn puree, couscous…).


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The company offers baskets for the week with different formulas (6 meals + 6 desserts, 6 meals alone, all-fish basket…). Parents can order lunch baskets for the week on the website. The jars are also listed in various organic stores or pharmacies in France and Belgium.  In January, the company has just entered into a partnership with Biocoop with a range of 4 small jars, according to recipes devised by consumers.

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