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Food selfies and data collection: personalized nutrition by Nutrino

Nutrino application foodprint
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The personalized nutrition industry is booming. It is difficult to define the exact market value: many companies define “personalized nutrition” in differents ways. It can be based on genetics, microbiome or simply lifestyle questionnaires.

Seven years ago, a mathematician and an engineer created  a platform that combines nutrition and technology, to provides information about the different ways in which the human body benefits from the nutritional aspect of food. Nutrino is a leading provider of data, analysis and technology services related to nutrition. It works with companies and professionals to improve the success of their products and programs and to better understand populations and their eating habits. Nutrino adresses to anyone who wants to better understand what is happening inside their body, companies (medical community, technology and health companies…) as well as professionals (dieticians, personal trainers…).

Nutrino has created the FoodPrint mobile app that studies links between users and their food in order to offer them the best nutritional decisions for optimal health results. We each have a unique fingerprint, and we also have our own “foodprint”. It is a digital signature of how our body reacts to different foods. Two people react differently to the same food, but the same person may also react differently to the same food at different times. The user can make a “food selfie”, i. e. a picture of his plate, and the application generates data from the picture. He then receives personalized nutrition recommendations. An individual’s dietary footprint is therefore based on two sources of information: food data and individual data.

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Nutrino is building the world’s largest nutritional database. The food analysis system understands nutritional recommendations and knows who they are intended for. The company analyzed recipes, prepared dishes and restaurant menus to determine their nutritional composition and analyze the micronutrients they contain.

At the same time, the company has developed tools to become smarter. These tools collect data about users such as activity, stress or sleep. Medical data are also processed: glucose levels, insulin and DNA. The company wants to take into account all the elements on which nutrition has an influence and works with many partners. For example, it has developed a partnership with Medtronic, a company active in medical technology. Nutrino’s platform thus makes it possible to improve diabetes management by understanding a patient’s glycemic footprint. Ultimately, Nutrino wants to apply FoodPrint to the supplement industry, to athletes for performance improvement or custom cooking with recipe ideas based on personal needs.

Nutrino’s long-term goal: that everyone knows their own FoodPrint. This will change the way food decisions are made on a daily basis.

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