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Fermentalg and ADL BioPharma join forces to produce DHA

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Fermentalg and ADL BioPharma announced their merger to produce DHA Origins-550, an ingredient of Fermentalg.

Microalgae expertise associated with nutraceutical production

Fermentalg is a French company specialized in the production of microalgae and the extraction of their components: DHA, proteins, dyes. ADL BioPharma is a subsidiary of ADL Bionatur, a Spanish company based in Madrid. ADL is specialized in the production of biopharmaceutical compounds, with a strong commitment to sustainability.

Unity is the strength of DHA

For ADL, this union represents the assurance of the sustainability of its activities. While for Fermentalg, it is a question of securing its supply of quality raw materials for the marketing of DHA Origins-550, as we know that the issue of supply is crucial for ingredient suppliers in view of the risks of stock shortages, contamination, etc. Risks that Fermentalg cannot take because the company has also just signed a distribution contract with DSM. It is therefore a win-win partnership, for several years in principle.

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