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These startups that reinvent our flours

farines sans gluten
écrit par Caroline

The innovations in the flour sector are varied and many players are offering new flours with ever-increasing nutritional benefits.

At the beginning of 2018, the flour market had a positive growth of 1.5% in value but fell by 0.4% in volume1. Consumers are no longer satisfied with conventional flours but are looking for added value through nutrient intake or gluten-free. Indeed, a real trend of gluten-free is observed. According to a Toluna QuickSurveys survey for LSA conducted in October 2017, 8.9% of French people say that gluten-free is the solution to the question “what should we eat to eat healthy? This phenomenon is also present in the United States, where 27% of gluten-free consumers do so with a view to losing weight2.

Image synthesis of the startups revisiting flours with ever more added value.

innovative flours

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