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Viome acquires Habit for a more complete range of personalized nutrition

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The personalized nutrition market continues to grow. Many applications are emerging to guide consumers in their food choices. This is particularly the case for Viome et Habit, two start-ups specialising in personalised nutrition.

No less than two weeks ago, Viome announced the acquisition of Habit, an ultra-personalized nutrition company. In combination, these two innovative start-ups will become a global solutions provider in the field of diet and health.

Viome: the resolution of microbial-related body problems through artificial intelligence

Convinced that chronic diseases are the result of choice and not bad luck, Viome proposes personalized action plans to rebalance its microbiota. Its strategy is to understand the human body at the molecular level by using artificial intelligence technology to discover and solve body problems related to the microbiome.

Viome solution de nutrition personnalisée

Starting from a basic three-step concept, collecting samples – analyses – recommendations, Viome stands out from its competitors by identifying all the bacterial strains present in the intestine, namely bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi and moulds in the system that work in symbiosis with the body. Through these analyses, Viome combines artificial intelligence and RNA sequencing. The young company is then able to understand which nutrients and toxins are produced by the microbiome. As a result, the start up provides dietary recommendations based on the unique biology of each individual. Advice can even go as far as proposing specific foods to eat and others to avoid for a good intestinal balance.

With the acquisition of the Habit start-up, Viome will be able to expand its core offering by providing a richer and more global consumer experience.

Ultra-specialized clothing and nutrition

For its part, the Habit start-up is working to change consumer behaviour. It focuses its offer on supporting consumers to eliminate the uncertainties that prevent them from eating well.

Based on the same principle of sample collection, Habit develops nutritional recommendations based on each person’s biology, metabolism and objectives. This young company will be able to benefit from Viome’s expertise in terms of microbiota analysis to complete its offer.

Unity is strength

By combining Viome’s knowledge of the microbiota with Habit’s knowledge of nutrition, they will be able to offer the most complete solution on the market with a “whole body” health approach.

Through this partnership, consumers could have a complete overview of what is happening in their bodies and thus be able to receive even more personalized recommendations.

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