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Enterosatys® puts TargEDys in the spotlight

EnteroSatys de Targedys
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Launched in December 2018, and finally available in pharmacies since January 2019, the Enterosatys® food supplement puts TargEDys in the spotlight. With its patented Hafnia Alvei strain, Enterosatys® is an innovative solution on the food supplement market to fight metabolic disorders linked to obesity.

From a BtoB ingredient manufacturer to a BtoC Laboratory

History and positioning of the start-up

TargEDys was born in France and works with INSERM to isolate promising strains for the reduction of metabolic disorders related to obesity. In a nutshell, their priority is to better understand the link between the intestine and the brain and in particular the signals sent to regulate appetite. Created in 2011, investors are multiplying with Seventure Partners, which is closely following this start-up.

ProbioSatys™, their patented satiety ingredient

In 2018, TargEDys and INSERM filed a patent following the results obtained in a study on their first technology ProbioSatys™. It is a probiotic strain of the Enterobacteria family. Hafnia alvei, initially lactic ferment, is naturally present in the microbiota. The particularity of this strain comes from its phylogeny. While the trend is towards Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli on the market, belonging respectively to the phyla of Actinobacteria and Firmicutes, the phylum of Enterobacteriaceae had not yet been exploited. Hafnia Alvei produces a protein, ClpB, capable of inducing or modulating the sensation of hunger in humans. This protein has been identified as a mimetic of one of the human satiety hormones, α-MSH, which regulates eating behaviour at both the peripheral and central levels.

ProbioSatys microbiote

Focus on Enterosatys®

Whereas until now TargEDys was intended to be a BtoB ingredient manufacturer, the announcement of the release of a food supplement at the end of 2018 places it more as a BtoC laboratory. With this food supplement, TargEDys targets consumers affected by obesity with problems in lipid and glycemic metabolism. The strain is associated with Zinc and Chromium “which contribute to the normal metabolism of macronutrients”, and which allow to claim on pack. The capsule contains 50 million CFU, a slightly lower concentration than references such as Lactibiane Reference to 10 billion CFU. The galenic is relevant, since it is based on a gastro-resistant innovation that allows strains to be delivered safely without destruction by stomach acidity.  Sold in pharmacies but also online, the cost of treatment remains significant and amounts to 54 euros for a one-month cure.

Addressing obesity from a healthier perspective: a segment of the future

TargEDys seems to be among the first to launch a probiotic food supplement in weight management. Although probiotic strains are different, the balance of metabolism is at the heart of the search for other start-ups whose products will soon be launched. Among those concerned is the Bordeaux-based start-up LNC Therapeutics, which mainly targets cardiometabolism. Its concept is based on Christensenella, a patent registered on a family of bacteria whose prowess is beginning to multiply. Also to be closely monitored is the start-up A-mansia, Belgian this time, which aims to offer a solution from Akkermansia municiphila to fight against metabolic disorders linked to obesity.

Enterosatys® joins other products already on sale in the shelves that are positioned in the same niche. Among the most famous, but not very innovative, are those made from apple pectin for satiety such as Omnibiotics’ Omnilogic Apple Pectin. Enterosatys® will also face XLS Medical a medical device that is well installed on the market.

At TargEDys, innovation will not stop there

In parallel with this launch, TargEDys is continuing its R&D work to prove the effectiveness of another technology using bacteria, this time to stimulate appetite. On their comprehensive website, there is no information yet on the progress of the studies conducted for the Probionutrys™ technology. It will be based on the same principle of molecular mimicry, but the expected effect on the intestinal brain axis will be the opposite of ProbioSatys™.

The company also signed a partnership agreement with Neovia, a petcare expert company. ProbioSatys™ can then be integrated into the food or food supplements of dogs or cats. Our pets have also become obese because of the composition of their diet but also because of the increase in physical inactivity. This partnership is particularly relevant, the interest in the microbiota of animals is steadily increasing.

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