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Soylent Bridge: a chocolate drink for a balanced snack

soylent bridge
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Soylent is an American brand of nutritional products designed to cover all energy needs. The brand wants to offer its customers better quality, more affordable food and free the consumer from what seems to be a waste of time: cooking and taking a break to eat.

Meal replacements for a balanced diet in all circumstances

The brand offers bottled meal replacements that contain about 400 Kcal, 20 g of protein and a significant amount of vitamins and minerals. Soylent products are presented as solutions to fight against “food gaps”, those moments when you are hungry but where access to a balanced meal is impossible.

Soylent Bridge

Soylent Brige: a new snack drink for “light snacking”

The brand launches a new product: the Soylent Bridge. Customers were waiting for a new product to replace the “Soylent Food Bar”, a snack product recently discontinued by the brand following a series of reports that a small number of customers had suffered from gastrointestinal problems. This product, which contained 250 calories, was marketed as a snack or small meal.

Soylent Bridge is more like a snack than a meal replacement. The chocolate drink contains 15 g of protein, 36 “essential” nutrients, 180 calories and only 3 g of sugar. The drink keeps the spirit of the brand’s other products alive with a blend of vegetable protein, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals, but it contains fewer calories. The product has a high protein/calorie ratio, which makes it particularly satisfying. Products are available on the brand’s website at $2.16 per bottle.

The launch of Soylent Bridge also follows a recent series of adjustments made by the brand. In June 2018, Soylent launched its strawberry flavour to replace its nectar flavour. The company has also recently redesigned its bottles and renamed its popular Coffiest flavour “Café Moka” to better describe its combination of coffee and chocolate flavours while being more marketable in supermarkets.

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