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Kraft Heinz to acquire paleo start-up Primal Kitchen for $200 million

kraft heinz rachète primal kitchen
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The transaction between Kraft Heinz and Primal Kitchen is expected to close early 2019. Among its wide range of agri-food products, Kraft Heinz offers a range of basic sauces and condiments, representing the largest part of their turnover. Primal Kitchen offers superior quality condiments, sauces and dressings to improve consumer health. An investment in health nutrition that comes in time to revitalize the giant.

A win-win deal

primal kitchenConvinced of the power of food on health, Mark Sisson, founder of Primal Kitchen, decided in 2015 to launch a range of sauces and condiments. Rich in natural and healthy fats, superfoods, herbs and spices, these condiments are formulated with the objective of offering consumers products that are more acceptable in terms of nutrition.

Thanks to this partnership, Primal Kitchen will be able to expand its reach. This young and trendy brand will be able to take advantage of the development expertise and extensive distribution network already in place. The brand also plans to expand its healthy snack category and generate approximately $50 million in revenue this year.

For its part, Kraft Hein, a global food giant, has underperformed with a decline in sales recently. This agreement aims to revitalize its offer and complete its portfolio of condiments by offering Primal Kitchen’s healthier products.

Kraft Heinz keeps pace with other major companies and invests in nutrition and health

Despite Kraft Heinz’s efforts to reorganize its existing products to meet current demand, there is a lack of innovation.

By signing this strategic agreement with Primal Kitchen, Kraft Heinz will be able to satisfy the demand for natural products with clean labels and healthy ingredients.

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