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Ocean52, a unique range of drinks from the bottom of the oceans

Ocean52 eau de mer
écrit par Agathe

Ocean52 waters are coming to France! Designed by a group of sea lovers, its formula is enriched with magnesium drawn from the deepest oceans.

The main minerals of the ocean combined in a drink

Ocean52 boisson oceanAccessible from land, only in very few places in the world, the water of the deep ocean is characterized by its purity but also by its richness in minerals and trace elements. These features are the result of a combination of thermohaline currents that are enriched with nutrients all around the globe.

Rich in magnesium, this unique drink helps to fight fatigue. In addition, its formulation contains a low-calorie content, it is free of preservatives and colorants. This refreshment is available in several versions: still water, sparkling water or water flavored with lemon, red fruit or passion fruit.

Another important feature: the 330 ml Ocean52 glass bottles are 100% recyclable.

Ocean52 for the protection of the ocean

Today, the ocean faces severe threats such as the proliferation of plastic. By 2050, there will be more plastics than fish in the ocean.

Ocean52 stands out by devoting 52% of its profits and activities to the protection of the oceans. It is a long process that begins with the protection of marine areas, coastal clean-up and ocean protection awareness. The long-term goal is to be active 52 weeks a year.

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