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Revolution in the canteens: initiatives for more organic and less ultra-processed foods

Written by Nutrikeo

The number of cases of childhood obesity, hepatic steatosis and food allergies is on the rise: a sad fact that leads to a questioning of children’s diets in canteens. Between unappetizing products and difficult children, it is difficult to find the ideal and healthy meal under the constraints of a tight budget. So what are the initiatives that are making a difference?

Ultra-processed foods in our canteens

On the menu are many (too many) ultra-processed foods, which pose taste problems but also nutritional problems. They are often too rich in additives, sugar, salt and poor in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fibres. The subject of ultra-processed foods is more widely discussed by Gregory Dubourg in a recent podcast if you want to know more. Parents and some public authorities are aware of this issue. Since elementary school canteens are governed

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