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The government and agri-food industries sign an agreement to revive the agri-food sector

contrat filière agroalimentaire
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With more than 385,000 employees, the food industry generates a turnover of 170 billion euros. As one of the pillars of the French economy, it still suffers from a deteriorated image among consumers. A “sector contract” was signed just under a month ago between the government and industrial manufacturers. By engaging side by side, the two parties hope to revive the agri-food sector and give it a new impetus.

To better meet consumer demand, this agreement is built around four pillars:

– Improve food trackability

The key word here is “transparency”. The objective is to create a digital product identity card to meet consumer expectations in terms of traceability and food quality.

– Developing the proteins of the future

Both parties undertake to finance research projects in the field of vegetable proteins, insects or biotechnological products to replace meat.

– Support research on fermented products

Fermented foods are on the rise. This third point aims to highlight the richness of ferments and the know-how of companies in this field. Thus, the “Ferments du futur” project aims to set up a research platform in 2019 to support projects and start-ups in the micro-organism, bio-production and fermentation sector.

Encouraging employment

Finally, this last axis aims to improve access to skills and recruitment in the agri-food sector, where many positions are not filled. The aim is to develop the attractiveness of the business lines and to meet the requirements of the ecological transition.


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