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Luxia Scientific: the French-style microbiota diagnostic test

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Luxia Scientific is the first French company to launch a diagnostic test of the intestinal microbiota for the general public. Its name is “1test1”, it is available since October and it is based on DNA sequencing. It will allow all those who wish to know more about the bacterial population in their intestines to take care of their health and well-being!

Who is Luxia Scientific?

Luxia Scientific is a biotechnology company that works to improve well-being and health through the analysis and understanding of the microbiota. The company is based in Paris and announced the launch of 1test1 on October 11.

1 test1 in practice

“1test1TM, in addition to indicating to users the diversity of their intestinal microbiota, analyses the results in a European context. Users will be able, in consultation with a health professional (dietician, nutritionist, doctor, naturopath or osteopath), to use all this data to implement effective changes in their daily lives through a personalized program.  1test1TM is the result of 10 years of research on intestinal microbiome. We are very proud to be the first French company to have developed a diagnosis based on metagenomics. “ explains Alessandra Cervino, founder and President of Luxia.

The test is available directly on Luxia Scientific’s website for €288 and is available within 3 to 4 weeks. It is based on the new generation of DNA sequencing that has recently made it possible to identify the bacteria that inhabit our body. 1test1 has a 100% European database, which allows a precise interpretation since our microbiome is dependent on our way of life and our place of life.

It is intended for anyone who wants to make an evidence-based change in dietary behaviour. The test has the advantage of triggering a real awareness and leading to solutions that are really adapted to the lifestyle. It also concerns people who suffer from intestinal disorders that have remained unresolved until now. The management of IBDs (Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases) in particular is increasingly based on nutritional solutions, such as Arkopharma with Vivomixx 450.

Although this type of diagnosis already exists abroad (BIOGENIQ, Habit), 1test1 is the first French consumer product, which has therefore a priori succeeded in circumventing legislative barriers. These were in fact hindering the development of consumer DNA tests in France, as these tests should be limited to medical purposes only.

Luxia Scientific in the nutrigenomic trend

With the launch of 1test1, Luxia Scientific is part of an emerging trend: nutrigenomics, where how our genome dictates the content of our plate. 296 companies positioned themselves in this niche in the world in 2016.

You can find this inventory in our 2020 nutrition-health trends booklet.

Nutrigenomics makes sense in the face of the growing demand for customized solutions. If personalization explodes, it is too often disappointing… because it is paradoxically not personalized enough. The study of our genome and the formulation of nutritional recommendations accordingly is the most promising way to push personalization to its maximum.

If our genome is 99.5% common with that of our neighbour, it is the remaining 0.5% that makes all the difference. And which influences our tolerance to certain ingredients (gluten and others) or the appearance of metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity…). Early testing of our genome could therefore ultimately improve our comfort level and prevent the occurrence of these diseases.


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